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Our co-founder has the extraordinary experience of being in both the office and in the field. Zachary started working in construction immediately after Temple in an executive role. Two years later, Zach and Claire met while coaching rowing- a passion they both share to this day. After many years in the office as a Project Manager, Zachary made the decision to move into the field. With the goal of one day becoming business owners, they knew it was critical for Zach to have the experience of working as a Superintendent. Consequently, he mastered the construction process from each angle. This breadth of understanding from both the field and office make Intrepid Build unlike any other company out there. Rarely does a successful Senior Project Manager go into the field to learn the needs and experiences of the workers. The understanding created by working so closely with the trades taught Zach a tremendous lesson; trades drive construction. He truly knows construction inside and out. He has the knowledge of both positions and an appreciation of the challenges each party faces.

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