characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance




Treat our subcontractors with respect. Act honorably. Do our best every day to create the client's vision. 



How are we different from other General Contractors? Our entire executive team consists of elite coaches. We have each dedicated our free time to instilling an athletic passion within our community, either through rowing, wrestling, or track and field. We inspire our athletes to achieve beyond their expectations. We do so by building respect and trust. We have exceptionally high standards for our teams which are only attainable if the team focuses on a united vision and the individuals care about the outcome. In much the same way, our subcontractors are now our “athletes.” We have tremendous respect for their trades and recognize that without them there are no builds. As such, though there are no National Championships in construction, we set clear expectations and provide constant feedback to ensure our trades are “competing” at the highest level. We have all coached champions. It’s this gift of inspiring greatness in others and leading with passion that sets Intrepid Build apart. We all know how important being a part of a successful team is to ones’ confidence and overall happiness. This attention to excellence in the field creates a difference our clients feel. At the end of the day, Intrepid Build shows up, gets the work done efficiently, safely and beautifully. This executive team of award winning and nationally recognized coaches creates a work environment you’ll be proud to be a part of.  



Though Intrepid Build began only recently, it's concept has been developed over fifteen years. Since they met, Claire and Zach envisioned running their own business together. Throughout their marriage they’ve refined the vision for their own construction company. Each role Zach took professionally was to better understand the industry. They wanted to learn the best practices of each role to ultimately create a model unseen in the industry. Intrepid Build values the craftsmanship of our trades. We act with integrity and honestly communicate the performance of our team. We have the highest expectations of quality, cleanliness and safety. Our subcontractors know how greatly we respect their trades and we pay our contractors generously. An honest day's pay for an honest day's work. At the same time, we respect the clients’ vision and timeline. Intrepid communicates daily, if desired, so our clients know exactly where their project stands. With 15 years of experience in management and construction, the Coffeys have crafted their vision to incorporate the best elements of General Contracting. With Intrepid Build you are getting the absolute best. Intrepid Build is the company of their dreams and we hope to make your company’s building dreams become a reality as well. 

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