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Claire Coffey has over two decades of leadership and coaching rowing to hundreds. From Phillips Academy Andover, the United States Naval Academy and Cornell, Claire has always been a competitor and a leader. Through athletics, she learned her individual strength and resilience which guides her still today. After college she coached the sport which taught her so much about herself: rowing. (That’s how she met Zach!) She was also a math teacher at a boarding school and a community college, but life threw many health challenges Claire's way. Together they've overcome several life threatening acute illnesses and seven cancer diagnoses. Through every challenge, Zach was by Claire’s side and she by his.  She continued to motivate Zach and encourage his career in construction. As a team that has fought through so much together, Claire and Zach understand how limited time is and to take the big chances, make the brave decisions, and build a community of friends. 

They welcome the challenges of construction; scrambling to get the bid together, coordinating the complexities of the schedule, identifying the intricacies of the project, motivating the teams in the field, and, ultimately, delivering a project the client loves. Perhaps even more importantly, they love the construction family around them they've built. 

Intrepid: adj. Fearless, courageous, and brave

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