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characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance



Treat our subcontractors with respect. Act honorably. Do our best every day to create the client's vision. 



When Zachary and I met in 2006, we dreamt of one day owning our own business. Over the years of his employment with other general contractors, we dissected what worked within and what we would do differently. 

In 2018, just before our daughter was born, we decided to finally incorporate Intrepid Build. However, as new parents we needed to wait until the timing was right for Zachary to leave the security of his previous employer. We finally felt we had the parent thing under control (do you ever really?!) and it was indeed time to branch out on our own March 2020! (Little did we know I'd need emergency brain surgery and the world would stop due to Covid...)


Was our timing horrible or was it perfect?

We think in hindsight it was perfect timing! 

We have seen challenges beyond any other. We have overcome labor and material shortages. We have refined our vision and clientele. A company inspired by the love of two people, a company refined over 14 years, and a company forged during a once in a lifetime pandemic, Intrepid Build stands strong. We guarantee our completed product and we guarantee your satisfaction in our peoples' integrity and work ethic. 



Perhaps the most unique aspect of Intrepid Build is the intentional path Zachary took to his General Contractors licensing.


While working in Washington D.C., Zach was a Project Manager. From behind a desk he determined the value of a subcontractor based solely on square footage, labor and material costs as Project Managers are expected to do. From the office it's difficult for anyone to fully understand the actual *cost* of the subcontractors. For example, his cutting of $1000 off the drywall budget insignificantly affected the bottom line of his billion dollar employer, but affected the livelihoods of the actual men and women toiling on the jobsite day in and day out greatly. 

Together, we decided that in order for him to wholly understand the construction business and thereby one day become the best general contractor, Zach would need to leave the comfort of his lucrative PM position and go into the field as a Superintendent. He would need to be on site daily to get to know the men and women responsible for a successful project. Only then would he understand the actual *cost* of the project: financially and intrinsically.  

We realized the value of the trades is deeply misunderstood amongst large general contractors. Construction trades are the future of our country! Intrepid Build only believes in respected and well compensated trades. Craftsmen through and through, our laborers drive our company. Once we understood the true value of a project, we knew it was time to rely solely on Intrepid. 


With an all encompassing understanding of the construction industry, Intrepid Build is unlike any other. 

We are so proud of what Intrepid Build stands for.

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